Today, Internet is the integral part of modern communication. It would be quite hard to find someone not using Internet. The development of Internet brings about new opportunities along with requirements on the speed and type of connection. In this area, we can procure tailor-made connection corresponding to the client's practical needs. Various technologies are used to set up connections. We offer a couple of alternatives - digital circuits, wireless connection as well as optical technologies.

Data circuits

Company CZECH ENERGOSPACE provides in cooperation with its long-time partners wireless and digital connections. Wireless connection is operated on a range of frequency bands - 2,4GHz, 3,5GHz, 10,5GHz, 10,6GHz and FWA 26GHz. The digital alternative has a nationwide coverage in the Czech Republic. Czech Energospace also implements international data connection.


At the moment, VPN is the main solution for optimum and efficient corporate communication. The solution enables linking between the individual units and the switchboard within a city, state or worldwide. VPN makes the control, management and efficient configuration of the entire corporate network possible. It also enables easy roll-out intranet and extranet applications. It is a modern solution which - together with all its advantages - brings about substantial savings in financial terms. Network security is an integral part of the technical proposal for each individual solution.

HW and LAN supplies

With regard to ever developing technologies, this is the segment of the market which undergoes a great number of changes. We are able to provide our clients with the design, system integration and supplies of extensive LAN and WAN computer networks including related telecommunication equipment, active elements, computers and peripherals. Taking into account our experience in this field, we are able to provide you with A to Z solution including the design, implementation and maintenance of computer, telephone and Internet networks including professional service and training.

Voice Services

The Czech telecommunication market has noted a fast growth of alternative public telephone networks and thus has gradually extended the supply in the area of standard telephone services. The providers of these services aim at facilitating and reducing the costs of day-to-day telephone communication of companies with their clients and business partners around the world. Company CZECH ENERGOSPACE offers in cooperation with its long-time partners a wide range of high-quality voice solutions for any segment of customers.