At present, while companies and individuals are demanding faster communication with the outside world, the risks connected with public networks (Internet) are growing.

CZECH ENERGOSPACE helps its corporate clients to solve problems connected with the security of computer networks and communication. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to provide various types of products and services to solve a wide range of our clients' requirements.

Security products:


There is a great number of firewalls available at the market. Their main differences lie in the technology used and the functional features. When selecting a firewall, the client may choose from the Type Enforcement and Application Gateway technology providing high-security products, Satefull Inspection technology or the less secure technology of Packet Filters. Our specialists and consultants are prepared to help you in selecting the right firewall solution for your network and to subsequently implement the solution selected.

Security and VPN

VPN is an important part of safe communication between individual corporate locations but also between corporations themselves. VPN products may form a part of firewalls selected or may be stand-alone devices designed solely to code communication. As a part of our services in the area of Internet connection and linking of corporate locations to a large network, we can provide various VPN solutions according to our clients' requirements.

Antivirus solutions

Thanks to the worldwide development of the Internet network, the risk of your network devices (servers, PCc) being infected with viruses is growing. Viruses may be harmless and may just bother the user, but there are also highly dangerous viruses which are able to destroy your company's core data. With a view to such danger, it is very important to implement an antivirus solution. Our consultants will help you to select the right antivirus solution for your network and will also help you to roll out the suitable solution. The antivirus programs may run as stand-alone products on various network equipment (work stations, file servers, mail servers, internet gateways) or centrally on all the devices with central administration. Central administration is very important from the point of maintaining the latest updates of antivirus databases and for due enforcement of antivirus security policy.

Authentication solutions

In order to increase network security and the client's access to the network sources or VPN, it is possible to implement an authentication solution which will substantially increase the security of your data. The authentication solutions may also include systems for central administration of access rights of individual users to the network resources (e-mail, file servers, information system etc.)


We provide a wide range of services connected with the installation and configuration of solutions supplied together with the follow-up administration of such solutions. If you do not have your own system specialists to ensure the undisturbed operation of solutions supplied, we are also able to outsource the administration of your solutions. We also provide our clients with services connected with security audits, preparation of security policy, penetration testing of your network and infrastructure to controlled security project.