The CZECH ENERGOSPACE, a.s., - LOGISTICS division offers a comprehensive logistics services.

Storage services - Storage material
• The pallet shelves
• In wall shelves
• In the inside and outside area Handling Services

Handling of materials and cables
• Cutting and seeking cables
• Packaging Materials
• Assembly of goods
• Loading and unloading of goods trucks by high-lift truck

Distribution of the material
We distribute professional carriers: DPD, TOPTRANS, DANZAS…

Shelf store - 1700m2
1. Technological zone
• to seek, measuring and cutting cables, bridge crane tonnage of 5 tons, high-lift gas and electric carts
2. Storage zone
• free storage area of 300 m2
• storage of material on pallets (550 pallets)
• shelves for storage of small material (1848 shelves, the height of 7m)
3. Two ramps with countervailing bridges

Outside the warehouse - 2700m2
• The area of 1300m2 with trolley crane (tonnage of 5 tons) for the storage of cables and barrels
• Open 1400m2 surface suitable for building materials
• Stock chemicals and hazardous substances Other benefits
• Standing service for emergency conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Professional surveillance and electronic security and storage area, fire electronic security (EPS)
• Connection to D8 motorway - Teplice, Dresden and II. Prague traffic circle
• Executive and reliable information system company AKTIS
• Qualified operator for the handling of cable barrels, crane, motor and electric carts

  SEVER Warehouse Facility

  SEVER Warehouse Facility