Our services are for customers who want to save only one range of the week, and for demanding client with the requirement to complete logistic service. We offer the possibility of the imposition of the 1 hour or in the long term. Possible shelves store goods, but also goods of non-standard dimensions.

Logistics representation

Currently, we offer a comprehensive logistics company to service for Prague and its surroundings, while representation outside the company in Prague. In the case of representation of our company by the client pays only trade, ie business partners for the disposal of their products and everything else takes under defined conditions of CZECH ENERGOSPACE company. We are ready for a variety of demands and claims, which brings your business.

We offer standard services: - Unloaded truck (and hand). - Imposition of goods in the warehouse.
- Handling of goods.
- Insurance products.
- Security.
- Loading to the distribution vehicle.
- Preparations for the goods according to orders.
- Adding leaflets.
- Repacking of the goods.
- Trans-shipment of cars on the car.
- Inventories.
- Baby stocks in the store.
- Storage affairs.

The price of services is calculated according to individual price list, the particular situation, the method of handling, storage of goods, according to the operations carried out and the length of the contractual relationship. We offer process according to your demand

  SEVER Warehouse Facility

  SEVER Warehouse Facility