Storage space in the hall

Pallet place The area around 580m2, a total of 550 pallets, the dimensions of cells 120x80x130, the tonnage of 500 kg
Shelf place
The area around 800m2, a total of 1848 shelves, the dimensions of 120x60x60, the tonnage of 150 kg
Open surface
Total area 300m2

Outside storage space Outdoor area for cables The area around 1300m2, the total capacity of 168pc cable reels, portal crane tonnage of 5000kg, a contradiction 15m, 6m stroke, length of 86m
The area for building materials
Total Area 1400m2, the possibility of tilt halls

Technology of rewinding and cutting cables
Equipment KABELMAT UMROL 2000
The possibility of spacing cables, available bridge crane carrying capacity of 5000 kg, a contradiction 16,5 m, 6m stroke, length of 36 m

Handling equipment
Side trucks RETRAK (Caterpillar, Berger)
Handling palettes to a depth of 1200 meters, the tonnage of 1400 kg
High-lift trucks (Caterpillar, Berger)
Suitable for handling in the shelves until the height of the 6m
Motor diesel trucks DESTA Suitable for handling outside the hall and the handling of the cable barrels

Security store
Professional surveillance 24 hours a day, electronic security and storage area, fire electronic equipment

  SEVER Warehouse Facility

  SEVER Warehouse Facility